We’ve Made Updates to Our Giving Experience!

It’s easy, fast, and secure! This update is not just about enhancing convenience; it’s also about helping our church save valuable resources so we can give more towards loving our neighbors and the collective of Radius Church.

New Easy to Use Giving Platform

Please use the giving portal below to give a one-time gift or set up a recurring gift using the frequency toggles. It only takes a moment! Thank you for faithfully sowing into Radius Church.

Two Modes of Giving Within radius

As we look at the various ways the NT church lived out giving and generosity, we have developed a framework for giving within Radius. Perhaps the most important, however, is that we help one another to develop a healthy financial basis of living. This includes making/ keeping a budget, giving, eliminating debt and saving. We look for opportunities to free one another from becoming slaves/lovers of money (1 Tim 6:10) and invite them to partner with God to use His resources to advance His kingdom (Matt 25:14).

1. Give to your neighbors as opportunities arise and as God leads.

A. Give to meet needs among one another within your church.

One of the distinguishing marks of the early church is that they had all things in common and shared everything they had. They sold their possessions and gave to the ones in need (Acts 2:44, 45; 4:32-35). In a simple church setting you can give to one other to fulfill needs.

B. Give to meet needs of neighbors with church support.

We are called to be salt and light in the world. When we give to the needs of our neighbors, we show them the generosity and love of God. The Scriptures urge us to never forget the oppressed, poor and needy (Isaiah 58). When we clothe the naked, feed the hungry, and take in strangers, we serve our King Jesus (Matt 25:31-36). Although most time of giving will be done quietly (Matt 6:2), there will be times in which the wisdom and even the physical provision offered by your church will be necessary.

How to give: simply give.

There will be no tax break from the IRS and no guarantee that the person to whom you give the money will use it in the wisest manner. But if the LORD calls you to give, then give.

2. Give to the collective of Radius Church regularly as God leads.

A. Give to support the equipping, shepherding and collective staff.

Ephesians 4 lists five gifts that were given to the church for the equipping of the saints: Pastor, Prophet, Apostle, Teacher, and Evangelist. We believe that if God gives someone a gift at a domain high enough to equip and empower the priesthood and the LORD calls someone to invest a significant amount of time, that He will move His people to provide financial support (Gal 6:6, 1 Cor 9:14-15). In our context, “paid staff” simply means the competency and calling exists to equip believers to do ministry.

B. Give to the collective mission of Radius.

There are types of hell that are larger than a single church. There are systemic evils in the world that will require the funds and resources of the collective. When money is given to the collective, the money is pooled together to fight a larger systemic evil.

C. Give to the operational costs of Radius.

The gathering, the building, HVAC, the printed materials, provisions like “the narrative”…they all cost money. Our role is to ensure the amount spent operationally is minimal. It is the responsibility of each participant in Radius is to share in owning all of the expenses. Often times, the enemy tries to convince us that we are doing God a favor by “going to church.” The reality is that God is blessing us like crazy to allow us to have buildings and worship services. And if our hearts are appreciative, it will be natural to give (1 Thess 5:18). Not everyone has the money to help contribute to the expenses incurred by Radius, so we welcome people to offer their time and energy in other ways as well.

How to give to Radius Church:

Electronic Giving

All electronic giving is done securely through our giving portal above, which allows Radius to exhaust minimal staff hours, organize givers by church, and save time and money printing yearly giving statements. You can give whether or not you create an account.

Physical giving:
  • Offering Box. We have a box located near the entry foyer to the gathering room. Cash and checks may be dropped in the box before, during or after weekly gatherings.
  • Mail. Checks made out to Radius Greenville may be mailed to the following address: Radius Greenville, PO Box 31082, Greenville, SC 29608
  • Automatic Bank Draft. You may give directly from your bank account by giving your bank the above address.
A note on collective giving: Radius Greenville is a 501(c )(3) legally recognized nonprofit organization. We are accountable to the IRS for how all money is handled and have policies in place to ensure best practices are followed. An overall financial report for Radius will be published every quarter.