Church Crash Course

As a decentralized network of small churches, we understand that folks who have never been a part of something like this may have a lot of questions. If you’re looking for some fairly specific nuts and bolts regarding HOW we do things, then consider exploring our FAQ page, which is full of video responses to questions we are frequently asked.

This page, however, contains our attempt to articulate what we think is the biblical vision of church. It explains much of WHY we do what we do. We offer this to you as a crash course in how the bible should motivate followers of Jesus to seek and embody His church. If it inspires you, then consider reaching out or visiting our network’s gathering one Sunday evening.

Part 1 – Introduction

Part 2 Commands and Traditions

Part 3.1 The Experiment

Part 3.2 Ekklesia

Part 3.3 Matthew 18

Part 3.4 Matthew 16

Part 4.1 The Function

Part 4.2 Individual Maturity

Part 4.3 The Kingdom Cake

Part 4.4 The Parable of the Burrito

Part 5 The Five Spaces

Part 6.1 The Ekklesial Min I

Part 6.2 The Ekklesial Min II