Radius Story

After starting several churches in the southeast, John Reeves and his wife Cheryl felt that God was calling them to move to Greenville and start a church. In 2006, John and his brother Matt purchased a building in Greenville with the financial support of Radius Columbia. Soon the gym was converted into a community center and the Frazee Dream Center was born. Over the next year, a group of believers gathered and prayed regularly for God’s direction for Radius. In early 2008, Stuart Fuller joined the Radius community and began to bring clarity to God’s vision and mission for us.

By 2009, a community of people formed who were committed to living the simple, difficult ways of Jesus together. Soon, the community multiplied into several more communities, all connected together by what could be best described as a network of churches.

Churches continue to grow and multiply. We continue to try our hardest to stay in lockstep with Christ. We have tasted and seen the goodness of God, intimacy with Christ and the power of the Spirit time and time again as we have walked obediently in this wonderfully messy thing called Radius.