Radius Greenville is a network of churches; each existing as a devoted family advancing the kingdom of God together. The network of churches regularly gathers together as a larger, extended family.

It’s simple, really. You just have to start with the operating system of a family. Each church is a family united around the Lord Jesus Christ. Each church has their own name, identity, mission(s), weaknesses, strengths, etc. We don’t think of the church as being someTHING that we GO to. We are the church. And as we prioritize living out the simple, difficult ways of Jesus together, we continually find that His kingdom is at hand.

Each church ranges from around 5-35 people and is led by equipped and commissioned pastors and co-pastors whose central role is to ensure that each participant is oriented towards living life to the fullest in Christ (Ephesians 4 refers to this as “maturity”). Smaller, familial churches allow for us to have deeper relationships with one another; giving us the opportunity to be truly united together and to pursue intentional discipleship with one another.

Radius has a council of elders that oversees the organized aspects of the network, such as vision, theology, etc.  Radius also uses a shepherding team to ensure that pastors and churches are equipped, envisioned, and encouraged.