Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

We believe that learning about the kingdom of God is a simple, foundational act of loving God with our minds (Mark 12). There are regular outlets for teaching and training knowledge of the kingdom throughout the Radius Network. These learning environments are increasingly crucial in our society as the enemy of God aggressively seeks to deceive and blind us from what is true and good.

The Substance and Strategy of Training

We seek to equip people to be mature and attain fullness in Christ (Ephesians 4). It is vital, therefore, that we offer training at every corner in order to partner with the Holy Spirit in the process of growth. We generally train in four overall categories:

Gospel (understanding the Gospel, placing faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, knowing the fundamental results trusting the Gospel, and abiding in the Gospel continually).

Shema (understanding holiness and the role of the Holy Spirit to produce fruit, understanding and practicing the love of God, love of one another and love of others who do not follow Christ).

Community (understanding the Biblical definition of church and practicing it as directed by the New Testament).

Multiplication (development of authority/power in Christ, competence training on making disciples, long-term sustainability in leadership).