Networked Communities

Communities are the called out ones of Jesus Christ, living as a spiritual family seeking to advance the Kingdom of God through making disciples.

We believe the Scriptures paint a clear picture for the church: who the church is, what the church is about, and what the church does. At Radius, we envision our communities to embody the fullness of that picture. As Jesus refers to the word ‘church’ in Matthew 16 and 18, we can summarize the church as this: a spiritual family that advances the Kingdom of God.

We desire for these communities (or ‘churches’) to be spaces where children of God learn to belong to each other as a spiritual family, and become a force that advances the Kingdom of God together. We believe that belonging to each other as a spiritual family happens as believers are faithful in a myriad of different behaviors that are done one believer to another. We believe that advancing the Kingdom of God happens as we love God, love the lost-oppressed-poor-broken, and make disciples of Jesus Christ, who make more disciples. We would say that the church space that we call community is the Lord’s plan A for His people to achieve those two things.

Currently, the Radius Network is made up of 12 Radius communities in the upstate that are uniting as a network and striving to live out this vision. Each has at least one leader who has been called, trained, and commissioned to lead a community within the Radius Network toward the biblical vision of the church. Each community includes participants who have humbled themselves as thankful recipients of the grace of God in Christ Jesus. You can learn more about those specific communities below.

If you are interested in learning more about community or how to begin journeying with a Radius community, please let us know!

Nate and Laura Heffington


Led by Nate and Laura Heffington

The Avengers (from the comics and movies) have diverse gifts and strengths that come together to serve a greater purpose. Our name is a reminder that we each have a different role, but ultimately our purpose is singular. We meet on Tuesday nights on the Westside of Greenville and eat together (kids included), then usually some guy/girl time (kids in another room), then sit on the porch all together and discuss/work through something as a group (kids in another room), then more informal time (kids running wild). We also meet in smaller groups and/or one on ones during the week.
Tyler and Bree Graham


Led by Tyler & Bree Graham

The “bnb” part of our name refers to the fact that we are called to BELONG to each other as fellow believers, and BECOME more like Christ together. The “heir” part refers to Romans 8:17, “heirs of God and fellow heirs with Christ.” Tuesday nights we gather in a home in Eastside/Central Greenville to eat, discuss our abiding relationships, re-center on the Gospel, and practice love of one another and refinement into the image of Christ. There are many other spontaneous rhythms such as lunches, dinners, morning coffees, hangouts, random acts of love, etc.
Jon and Valerie Harris

B10C Party

Led by Jon and Valerie Harris

Bloc Party is located in Eastside Greenville. The name “Bloc Party” was chosen because they want to be inclusive to those in their lives, and they do that by hosting [awesome] block parties. B10C Party meets on Wednesday nights and walks daily with one another. Their weekly meeting consists of dinner and time spent pushing each other to love God, be loved by God, love each other, and love those in their lives.
Blake and Amaris Ross


Led by Blake and Amaris Ross

In 2011, a group of guys sought to form bona fide community out of their friendships. It took months of struggle, but in 2012, God established vision, leadership, and rhythms among them for how to embody the church. Eliakim is a Hebrew name that means “God establishes.” Eliakim meets every Wednesday in Cherrydale from 6:30-9:00. They share a potluck meal, play a round of Catchphrase, and cultivate their lives of faith together.


Led by Jason and Kelly Gainey

Libre means “free” as in freedom. In Libre we celebrate our freedom in Jesus as well as being set free through His power over our sin and oppression. Gathering in either Eastside or Mauldin, we meet one night a week (sometimes with kids, sometimes we have sitters), the women try to get together during the week when they can, and the men meet early in the morning once a week to talk and pray.
John and Hannah Miller


Led by John & Hannah Miller

From Psalm 27, we believe the Lord is our Light. We desire to dwell in the house of the Lord, and seek to invite Him into our homes where we gather each week. As a result of the Gospel, we too are lights to those in our communities. We are all lighthouses! Gathering in central Greenville near Woodruff Road, we have dinner, a little teaching, some discussion/sharing/testimonies, and sometimes musical worship.
Matt and Megan Johnson

Open Table

Led by Matt and Megan Johnson

Open Table meets near Downtown Greenville. An average week varies greatly, but we aim to pursue one another and our neighbors in love and truth for the purpose of advancing God’s kingdom here on earth by living in obedience to the call to make disciples who are trained and equipped to make disciples.
Micah and Jess Taylor

Pelham Posse

Led by Micah and Jess Taylor

We call ourselves Pelham Posse because 80% of our Community lives in neighborhoods around the Pelham Road area. So practically, we meet in homes in the area, but we are also dedicated to loving our neighbors which, for the most part, live in a specific part of the city. We eat together each week and then, typically, have a monthly rhythm of communion, community, mission, party, with a different couple facilitating one of these each week.

Ruhammah Ammi

Led by Walter Howard and Steve Hester

The name Ruhammah Ammi comes the book of Hosea when God forgives Israel and calls them “My people”. We desire to live in community together as a family and show people how they can be part of something amazing that is so much bigger than themselves. We meet every Monday evening in Travelers Rest as a group, but we also spend a lot of time together spontaneously throughout the   week.
Brent and Amanda Wood


Led by Brent and Amanda Wood

We are Sequoia. Sequoias withstand wind and violent rain because they grow in clumps, allowing their root systems to intertwine. To blow over one tree would mean blowing over an entire hillside of them! Gathering in North Taylors, we have a Wednesday evening dinner and gathering.
Mike and Andrea Wilder


Led by Mike and Andrea Wilder

We are a group of different families united as one family (a Tribe) in his kingdom. A typical week in Tribe is a shared meal with time to catch up with one another followed by a time of worshiping and praying together. We rotate our weekly meeting subjects through loving God, neighbors, each other. We are located on the Eastside of Greenville.