Radius Story

What If…

What if Jesus Christ really accomplished what he said he would?

What if the Kingdom of God is really at hand?

What if we gave ourselves fully to the reality of life as Jesus describes it?

What if the Gospel truly empowered us to effectively love and even influence everyone around us… in our radius?

Where We’ve Come From

After starting several churches in the southeast, John Reeves and his wife Cheryl felt that God was calling them to move to Greenville and start a church. In 2006, John and his brother Matt purchased a building in Greenville with the financial support of Radius Columbia. Soon the gym was converted into a community center and the Frazee Dream Center was born. Over the next year, a group of believers gathered and prayed regularly for God’s direction for Radius. In early 2008, Stuart Fuller joined the Radius community and began to bring clarity to God’s mission for us.

By 2009, a community formed of people who were committed to living the simple, difficult ways of Jesus together. Soon, the community multiplied into several more communities, all connected together by what could be best described as a network of churches.

Where We Are

We are not driven by assumptions regarding how to follow Jesus in the context of our current culture. Rather, we have done extensive research and development in four distinct areas:

Gospel. Defining what precisely the good news delivered by Christ is and how to distinguish it from false and fragmented versions of the Gospel readily accepted in our current Christian culture as well as in the days of the early church.

Community. Understanding from Scripture what Jesus meant by “church” and how to apply it into a “post-church” culture of Americans who have often experienced disappointment and confusion with the church.

Sh’ma. Clear, practical definitions on what it means to love God, love one another and love others who are broken, poor, oppressed or lost.

Multiply. Jesus left us with a stout commission: to make disciples. We have spent years becoming surgical in our efforts to equip believers to be excellent at what matters to Jesus: multiplication of the kingdom.

Communities continue to be the front line of the revolutionary, unstoppable force of love and restoration in Greenville known as the Church.

Where We’re Going

Our city is one of the most beautiful and economically stable cities in the U.S. Yet, there is great darkness here beneath the surface. People are broken, lost, poor and oppressed. We intend to partner with God (until He tells us otherwise) to bring shalom to this city…neighbor by neighbor, community by community.