Here’s Some of How We Understand Church, and Therefore, Ourselves

First off, we don’t like to get hung up on methodology. We understand the function of the Church to be a presence and power of Jesus Christ to advance His kingdom here on earth as a spiritual family. The Scriptures simply have little to say on the form and organization of the Church. We celebrate the Church in three simultaneous expressions:

The “Big C” church.

This is all of God’s people. Ever. This includes the lady at the check-out at the grocery store wearing a cross who trusts Jesus. This includes the Hebrew man three thousand years ago who sacrificed a lamb in faith to God and whose faith was credited to him as righteousness. Through faith, we are all God’s Bride.

Example’s from Scripture
  • Jesus refers to the Church as a larger collective force. (Matt 16)
  • The disciples of Jesus bump into other believers who aren’t in their “circle” but Jesus affirms we are all together. (Mark 9:38‑41)
  • esus prays for unity of all believers as one. (John 17:20‑23)
  • Paul’s continual letters of shepherding and correction to “little c” churches (Ephesians, Corinthians, Thessalonians, etc)

Radius Greenville is a “middle c” church AND a network of “little c” churches. The network provides equipping, shepherding and uniting features for holistic communities around Greenville.

We’ve written a little more about our history as Radius, and you can read it on our story page. If you’d like to learn more about the individuals who serve the people of Radius as overseers and/or paid staff, hop over to our leadership page